Lift Desk

Manufacturer Bene

Design Johannes Scherr, Kai Stania, Christian Horner


More dynamic than static.

The height-adjustable desk allows alternating between sitting and standing at work. It's particularly well suited for co-working spaces or employees working predominantly on big screens and wish to change positions easily. The Lift Desk is for companies that place great value on ergonomics and the health of their workforce – at all hierarchical levels.






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Practical information

The Lift Desk is available with a C- or T-leg base

Tabletop shapes: classic rectangular shape rounded on user side, combi-table or angled 135° on user side

The desk is progressively height-adjustable from 65 cm to 130 cm with soft start and soft stop

Silent noise mechanism: < 41dBA

Upward lift speed: 50mm/s

Max. load 100kg

Standby < 0.5 Watt

Norm-compliant protection against uncontrolled movement (optionally increased), overload protection. Height adjustment in two levels of comfort – “light“ for up and down movement or “pro“ with memory function and LCD height indication.