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More than a simple furniture seller, Burotrend is a trusted ISO 9001:2015 certified adviser in the office design space.

Our core mission is to showcase emerging trends in the ever-evolving office landscape, keeping pace with constantly evolving working habits. In a world where work is increasingly flexible, we believe your workspaces should be too. See our full list of services below:

  • Planning advice

  • Space planning

  • 3D plans

  • Coordination with various teams

  • Delivery and assembly

  • Sustainable development


Planning advice

Guidance for your workspace design

New technologies continuously redefine our workplaces, promoting greater flexibility. In this dynamic landscape, proactive adaptation is crucial.

Our seasoned professionals are committed to supporting your development projects. By understanding your workflow, needs, and budget, we provide optimal workspace solutions aligned with your business needs. Our aim? Empower you to boost your team's productivity.

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Space planning...
Our key tool

Our skilled team of interior architects is committed to translating your needs and aspirations into innovative design blueprints. We focus on reimagining workspaces with a priority on ergonomics, comfort, lighting, functionality, and acoustics. Our objective? To elevate employee well-being and, in turn, supercharge your company's performance.



Workspace furnishing & layout

From its inception, Burotrend has partnered with globally renowned furniture manufacturers, enabling us to provide a vast selection of furniture tailored to your design preferences and budget.

Our interior designers employ cutting-edge 3D planning tools, ensuring you can visualize the final outcome accurately and effectively.

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Delivery and installation
With you until the very last stage

With our dedicated in-house furniture specialists, we guarantee delivery and assembly for all our clients, offering unparalleled flexibility to accommodate your schedules and constraints. Burotrend is devoted to maintaining exceptional service quality throughout your purchasing journey, extending beyond the final installation phase.


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