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Manufacturer Nanimarquina

Design Nani Marquina


Evoking the silence and velvety texture of the night sky, the hand-knotted Noche rug made with jute fibre appeals to the senses, returning to the basics in life. Fresh and rustic, this rug presents exceptional typical properties of yute.

Known as ‘the Golden Fibre’ for its shine, Jute is a plant that blooms in tropical regions, especially in India and Bangladesh. Highlights among its properties are the fact that it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, so it does not damage the environment, and that is one of the strongest vegetable fibres with insulating and antistatic properties.

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Information documents

Finition :

Fibre 100 % Jute filé à la main · Technique Hand knotted

Type Indo Nepal · Densité 87 200 noeuds/m2

Épaisseur de laine 11 mm · Épaisseur totale 16 mm · Poids 5 kg/m2