Conference Rooms



Manufacturer Wilkhahn

Design Wiege
Lack of physical activity in offices is considered the main reason for back pain, headaches, fatigue and other complaints in the modern world. At desks or in conference rooms – the majority of office work is sedentary. Which is why, in addition to dynamic seating, alternating between standing and sitting is becoming increasingly important. Getting up and standing for a time while working pays dividends. Especially when your body’s seized up and your creative powers are stalling. And the same applies the other way round too. If meetings at high tables drag on, sitting down in between helps take the pressure off. Consequently, the standalone tables (71–118cm) with electrically height-adjustable frames perfectly complement the impressive Travis conference table system. The rectangular shapes (90x180cm or 100x200cm) are ideal as desks or as conference tables. And a sitting-down meeting with eight people at the barrel-shaped table (80/100x230cm) can quickly become a standing-up one. 

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