Ray F

Manufacturer Flos

Design Rodolfo Dordoni


Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2006, the Ray F floor lamp updates a classic shape to give it a decidedly contemporary edge. The steel tube structure of this modern floor lamp is welded, brushed, and chrome-plated, and its diffuser support disk is die-cast, polished, and chrome-plated with Zamak alloy. The lamp has a resistive dimmer wired on the cord, offering a 0-100% lighting adjustment.

The Ray F is available in two models with diffusers available in black or white aluminum, or grey glass. It emits a gorgeous, diffused light. With the black and white finish, diffusers are lathe-shaped aluminum and painted white on the inside. The grey glass diffuser is hand-blown, overlaid glass with a glossy external finish.

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Information documents

Ray F1 : Hauteur 1280 mm

Source : LED 8W E27 740lm 3000K ou 1 LED 8W E27 740lm 2700K


Fay F2 : Hauteur 1710 mm

Source LED 21W E27 2452lm 3000K