Manufacturer Flos

Design Marcel Wanders


Imagine a stunning display blooming above you: Created by Marcel Wanders, the Skygarden is just that. A gracefully hanging hemisphere, the pendant lamp makes a powerful impression with its sheer size. However, it is the inner diffuser in white painted cast plaster that steals the show. Standing beneath it, you will see the intricate design that gives this piece its name.

Lampshade available in gold, bronze, white, shiny black and matt black.

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Information documents

Skygarden 1

Diamètre 600 mm

Source 1 LED 15W E27 1515lm 3000K


Skygarden 2

Diamètre 900 mm

1 LED 15W E27 1020lm 3000K ou

1 LED 13W E27 1400lm 2700K – Dimmable ou

1 LED 13W E27 1400lm 3000K - Dimmable