Cube_S Module Cabinet

Manufacturer Bene

Design Christian Horner

Work like you're in a cockpit.

CUBE_S creates a new quality standard for stationary workstations in compact office layouts. The Workplace modules provide high comfort by offering a customizable and intelligent workstation organization. In open-plan offices, while optimizing the use of the available surface, they boost concentration and focus on work, as well as promote teamwork through transparent elements and by creating perspectives in the space.

CUBE_S worktops and storage units have four available configurations:

“Bridge” with side modular cabinets, optional also in Tower Unit.

"Cluster": the workstations are surrounded by storage spaces for large volumes - to be able to work in peace.

The "Cross" arrangement consists of four modular cabinets arranged in a star.

"Spine": The worktops are installed on either side along the modular cabinet, so it can be used from both sides. In all cases, accessories and documents are at hand.

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